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Our Company

About Us

We are a Greek company with love for cosmetics since 1995.

We offer an incomparable range of colors, excellent quality at affordable prices. We are a team with passion. We constantly try to offer our customers quality products, which are available in our chain of stores in Attica and in our online store.


Our Values


Most of our products are manufactured in Greek laboratories for the production of cosmetic products approved by the Ε.Ο.Φ., in accordance with the Rules for the Proper Manufacture of Cosmetic Products, as defined by the quality standard ISO GMP 22716: 2007 ..


We believe in creativity and innovation. We follow all the pioneering trends in the field of cosmetology and offer what is most original in fashion. The products we offer are the result of considerable effort and meticulous selection. It is our promise to the consumer.

  • SUSTAINABILITY: Environmental & Social

The future concerns us. At Lovie we pay special attention to the people who work for us, but also to those we serve. That is why we are trying to become environmentally sustainable.


Our products

Our advisor in beauty is nature!

In our collection you will find products rich in vitamins with ingredients that are nutritious and beneficial for our body.


Hippocrates has described it as a "miraculous fruit". Gives shine and healthy look to nails and hair, while it is considered the ideal natural ingredient for perfect skin. Helps treat aging and regenerates the skin.


Produced by bees to seal honeycomb cells. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, emollient, healing properties. Gives the skin softness and elasticity.


Produced in Africa from the fruits of the shea tree. It is rich in vitamins, effective for the signs of aging, soothes dehydrated skin, heals & soothes irritations.